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Helping you visualize your message

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In a smartphone-driven world, organizations and leaders need a visual way for people to consume your audio content; at Orbital Solutions, I create animations that amplify your message or story so you can reach – and activate – a broader audience.

I am the founder of Orbital Solutions and I create animations to complement your amazing audio messages – whether that be your podcast, your music, marketing, campaigns, or even that story you always tell aloud but have a picture in your head of what it looks like, too. 

With over a decade of experience in health care innovation taking esoteric ideas and synthesizing them into approachable and accessible solutions, I use my artistic/whimsical side and produce stop-animations that take this same approach. 

TL;DR check out what I mean. Like anything visual, it makes more sense if you just see it for yourself.

Work With Me

Do you have a complex story that needs to reach more people? I am an expert marketer and artist who can animate your story so a big audience can view it online!

Activism: Visually Synthesized

Take a look at my series of videos. Podcasts such as Pod Save America and What A Day, both by Crooked Media, are excellent resources for educating the masses. I take the complex ideas they discuss and synthesize them visually to make the idea bite-sized and easy to understand quickly.